April 26, 2017

    Stealthing: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know – Heavy.com

    By / April 26, 2017

    Stealthing: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
    As a new evil sexual trend begins to spread, a rape crisis hotline operator reported hearing more and more cases of women starting sentences with, “I'm not sure this is rape, but…” According to the Columbia Journal of Gender and Law, the practice is
    'Rape-Adjacent': Imagining Legal Responses to Nonconsensual Condom Removal by Alexandra Brodsky :: SSRNSSRN

    Inside The Online Community Of Men Who Preach Removing Condoms Without ConsentHuffington Post
    'Stealthing' is the dangerous and alarming sex 'trend' people need to know aboutMirror.co.uk
    New York Post
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    9 Pro Tips to Prep Your Body For Anal Sex – StyleCaster

    By / April 14, 2017

    9 Pro Tips to Prep Your Body For Anal Sex
    No one has all the answers when it comes to sex, even clinical sexologists and other experts. I know this because every time I meet one, we have tons to talk about, and that includes questions and challenges of their own. Sex isn't, and never will be

    These Positions Will Make Anal Sex Totally Hot – Refinery29

    By / April 10, 2017

    These Positions Will Make Anal Sex Totally Hot
    Butt sex can be incredible — but anal sex demands respect. As psychologist David Ley, PhD, once told Refinery29: "If you try to do it the way most porn does, it will be like learning to shoot from watching Steven Seagal movies: Somebody will get hurt.".

    Secretly dating you

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    The first thing is to remember is your scent says Lina from a VIP Dartford escort service. Men are often out off by over powering perfumes and this is not a good start. You want to smell nice so that he sort of sniffs the air, but at the same time, it is important that your scent brings him in closer. Lots of girls who are new to https://charlotteaction.org/dartford-escorts Dartford escorts, do not appreciate the importance of this point, and often just end up spraying on too much perfume, or applying too much body lotion. I know it is not easy but this is a good trick.


    Make up is important as well. Whenever I look at American escorts, I think that they are wearing way too much make up. It is nice to wear some make up, but above all, it is important to not plaster it on. When I work for Dartford escorts, I don’t wear a lot of make up at all. Most of the time, I wear a lipstick, mascara, foundation and some kind of eye shadow, but I don’t plaster it on at all. Remember that you may be working a long shift at Dartford escorts and you want to be able to easily refresh your make up.


    Also, clothes are important. Don’t dress up too much because you may find yourself giving your Dartford escorts date the feeling that you are out of reach. I like to look smart but at the same time a bit casual. Okay, when you have dinner dates, it is really important to look formal, but when I am in my boudoir at Dartford escorts, I always go for a more relaxed look. It makes you look more welcoming somehow, and I think that makes a lot of difference when it comes to helping somebody relax.


    Do Dartford escorts have dating secrets? The truth is that most girls like Dartford escorts, do have some dating secrets. It is not very often that you get the hottest girls in Dartford sharing their secrets with you, It would be nice, if the ladies told us a bit more often about what it is like to work as a Dartford escort, and let us have some of their hottest and sexiest dating tips. After all, wouldn’t it be great if we could all attract men like the hot babes at Dartford escort services.


    However the best thing you should wear, whether you are working for Dartford escorts or not, is a great big smile. I love to smile, and I always walk down the road smiling. Do you know what? It can really brighten up your day, and another person’s day as well. Smiling is just good for you, and if you smile at someone, most of the time they will smile back at you. We really underestimate the importance of a smile, and don’t really use our smile enough. People open up when you smile, and I keep telling all of my colleagues at Dartford escorts, to smile a lot more.…

    Everything You Need To Know About Rimming – Refinery29

    By / April 7, 2017

    Everything You Need To Know About Rimming
    You can give someone a rim job as a standalone sex act, although it's commonly performed prior to anal sex or integrated into blowjobs and eating someone out (just remember to wash up before going from the anus to another orifice). In her book, The New …

    Using The Backdoor Is anal sex dangerous? – Pulse Nigeria

    By / April 4, 2017
    Using The Backdoor Is anal sex dangerous?
    Pulse Nigeria
    A question and answer session with psychoanalyst Paul Joannides, who is also the author of The Guide of Getting it on, dug into the history of anal sex, how popular it is becoming and tips that can help. “First it was shocking, then it was having a

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