May 24, 2017

    How To Achieve The Elusive Anal Orgasm – Refinery29

    By / May 24, 2017

    How To Achieve The Elusive Anal Orgasm
    For those who need clitoral stimulation to get off, fear not: According to Ward, if you enjoy anal play but haven't orgasmed from it, stimulating your clitoris while you're having anal sex can help. And this is actually a great tip for anyone who

    Lube: Which Lubricants Are Best, And How Do You Tell The Difference? – The Debrief

    By / May 18, 2017

    The Debrief
    Lube: Which Lubricants Are Best, And How Do You Tell The Difference?
    The Debrief
    Yes, there are some potential benefits – I have known gentlemen who use numbing lube or condoms to last longer in bed (a squirt or two inside a condom, for instance), and numbing lubricants are also often sold as great ways to get into anal sex. But

    A ‘Hand’ Book for Male Masturbation – SF Weekly

    By / May 11, 2017

    SF Weekly
    A 'Hand' Book for Male Masturbation
    SF Weekly
    … a stroke of genius that a new book written by author Magnus Sullivan, Better Than The Hand: How Masturbation is the Key to Better Sex and Healthier Living, was just published, tossing off a toolbox of masturbation techniques and providing meaty

    Doctor Splendids sex tips: Så lyckas du med analsexet – Nyheter24

    By / May 8, 2017

    Doctor Splendids sex tips: Så lyckas du med analsexet
    Det är väldigt viktigt att analsex görs på rätt sätt, annars kan det leda till inkontinens. Doctor Splendid har byggt om sin lägenhet i centrala Stockholm till en "gynmottagning". I 15 år har kvinnor tagit sig dit för sensuella sexlekar, och många av

    Why I Get Such a Kick out of One Night Stands

    By / May 5, 2017

    I am not sure how I got started but I really do get a kick out one nights stands. Some of the girls that I work with at Earls Escorts think that I am totally mad, but I do like to spend time with different men. Not all of the guys that I pick up end up staying the night. Some of the guys that I take home with are nice, but after a little while, I may just get fed up with them. That is when I kick them out.


    pleasure of earls court escorts

    The vast majority of guys do get to stay and I enjoy their company. I have never told any of my one stands that I work for Earls Court escorts. There would be no real harm in doing that, but I would not want them to look me up afterwards. It could be that they would think that they would get a freebie. Believe me, this is one girl who is not into freebies at all, and I would not dream of giving a guy a freebie. If that is what he is after, he had better chat up a girl.

    It is a control thing really, and I am pretty sure that is why I get such a kick out one nights stands. I get a chance to take the guy home with me, and enjoy the pleasure of his company for a while. If you want to do a lot of one night stands, it is important to be honest with yourself an your partner. It still surprises me that a lot of guys think that they can hook up with me afterwards. That is something that is never going to happen, and I make it cleat to every guy that this is just one once off. Do they get it? Not all of the time, and some insist that they would like to see me again. I really don’t have time, I am far too busy at Earls Court escorts.

    Sex is fun but I do think a lot of people take it too seriously. I never thought that men would take sex seriously but a lot of the guys that I meet do. They think that they are in a relationship with me just because we have had sex. That is not okay at all, and I often end up telling guys that I am not into relationships. Do they believe me? Most of them do, but they would still like to meet me again. However, I am too busy with Earls Court escorts to meet any of these guys again.

    Am I being too touch? Some of the girls at Earls Court escorts think that I am too tough, but I don’t think that I am very much different from any of the guys that I date at the agency. Some guys who come to see me, only want to have one date and that too me is not that different from your traditional one night stand. I think that it should be okay for women to have one night stands as much as men. We are still too hung up about sexual preferences and stereo types. Only when we let go of them, we can really start to enjoy our sex lives. I wonder if that is ever going to happen.…

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