He Stole My Heart

I have dated a lot of nice gents at https://charlotteaction.org/enfield-escorts Enfield escort, but one gent in particular stole my heart. He was rather a few years older than me and promised me the earth. In the end it turned out that he was telling me a bunch of lies, and even omitted to tell me that he was married. It was awful and after that I sort of lost my faith in mankind if you like. Looking at my kitchen calender, I have noticed that it has been a year since I had a boyfriend.


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At the time, we were really busy at Enfield escorts and this guy wanted to manipulate my time. He was forever making dates and then cancelling them. I kept telling the boss that he was a really busy business person and I did not want to lose him. In secret, I really fancied him but I did not want my boss to know. Normally if a guy cancels too often, the boss will ban him from dating any of the girls at the agency. I did not want that too happen, so I sort of defended him to the boss.

The other girls at Enfield escorts told me that I was mad. This guy was clearly giving me the run around. But I was so much in love with that I could not see it somehow. Or did I not want to believe it. Whenever he came around, things were great and we had a really lovely time together. I felt good about everything again and wanted to spend time with him. But after a couple of days, he started to mess me around again. It went on for a while and I had tell him that I could not carry on seeing him.

The next thing I knew, he told me that I was not his special girl at all. I was just like to other escorts at Enfield escorts. A real stupid blonde who did know what she was taken about. He told me that he was married and had never intended to spend any personal time with me. I more or less threw him out of the door and burst into tears as soon as he had left. Honestly, I could not believe that I had trusted this guy and believed everything that he told me.

Since then my attitude towards the gents that I date at Enfield escorts has changed a lot. When a guys tarts to mess me around now, I tell the boss and the girls on reception straight away. There is no way that I am going to be hanging around waiting for guys who are not going to turn up. I have done enough of that. On opt of that I am not letting anybody treat me like a dumb blonde anymore. In general I have changed how I handle blonde comments from everybody. I have started to point to my chest and say that my 34 E bust gives me extra brain power. It started as a joke, but I have noticed a lot of gents have more respect for me now. Never upset a blonde, it could come back and bite you in the bum.

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