How to keep your kitty healthy

A woman’s vagina is very delicate, and you really do need to look after your kitty to keep it healthy. It is all too easy to pick up infections, and little injuries when you enjoy life a bit too much. Most of the girls at cheap London escorts are really good at keeping their kitty healthy, but it does take some effort. For instance, many of the girls at cheap London escorts think it is a good idea to go all smooth to keep their kitty healthy.

Keeping all smooth is a good idea as it stops you from picking infections and little niggles. Also, in the summer, it also keeps you cool being all smooth. Most of the girls are into sexy knickers when they are at London escorts, but when they are not working they are more into cotton knickers. The fact is that you should not wear artificial fibers all of the time. It is not good for your kitty at all, and most of the girls at cheap London escorts do own normal sexy cotton knickers as well as sexier lingerie.

Another thing which affects your kitty is what you eat. When you eat too much acidic food and sugar, you are much more likely to suffer from stuff like thrush and other infections. That is not very good at all. Most of the girls at London escorts are very health aware, and like to make sure they eat healthily. Unfortunately, a lot of of women do not associate excess sugar intake with growth of the Candida yeast and that can be said for London escorts. If you want to be at less risk from Candida outbreaks, you should monitor and be careful with your sugar intake.

Lotions and potions can upset the delicate PH balance in the vagina, so when you wash, you should always use specialist cleansers in your genital area. Of course, it is vital to smell nice, but don’t think that you kitty will appreciate you using a lot of body lotions. The girls at London escorts who have tried using body lotions in their genital area have often suffered problem, and to be honest, it has not done them a lot of good.

If you really want to look after your kitty, you should be treat it with gentleness and make sure that you do not upset the delicate PH balance. If you suspect that you have a problem with your kitty, you should visit your doctor, or maybe do one of the over counter tests. Most of the girls at cheap London escorts do really look after their kitties in many different ways. Perhaps it could be that many of the girls at London escorts are only too aware how many things can go wrong with your kitty when you don’t look after your kitty in the best possible way. Learning from other, and talking to others, is the best way to learn how to look after your kitty.

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