My Secret Date

Have you ever met someone you would like to keep to yourself? That is how I felt when I met Alan. We actually met in a London park. He was out jogging but decided to take a break on the same park bench that I was getting my breathe back on. It was clear that he was rather new to jogging, but from what I could tell, he really enjoyed it. I just did it to keep fit to look as good as my sexy London escorts profile, but he seemed to enjoy it because running was a liberating.

Anyway, he turned his head slightly to the side and told me that I had really long legs. I do have long legs and they have stood me in good stead at London escorts. It was a bit of a weird opening line, but I smiled and we instantly felt that we liked each other. Before we knew it, we were having tea in a our jogging bottoms and t-shirts in a coffee shop, and I almost forgot that I needed to go home and start my London escorts shift.

The next couple of days were really busy at London escorts, and I did not really have the time to hook up with Alan. He kept leaving me messages and I ended up telling him that I could not see him until Saturday. He invited me for a jog in Richmond park and told me that he would pick me up for our “running date” as he called it around 9 am. Normally I don’t get up until late on a Saturday but I was prepared to make an exception for Alan. I did feel there was something special about this guy who liked Early Grey and running.

This is how our relationship carried on for the next couple of months. It turned out that Alan was a cruise ship captain, and often spent about six months at sea. Personal relationships were not really his sort of thing, but he did say that he liked hanging out with me. I was honest enough to tell him about London escorts, and while he was a bit surprised, he did not say anything negative about my choice of career and working for London escorts. He seemed to find my sexuality liberating.

Four months after we first met, Alan had to take charge of a cruise ship. It did not take me long to realise that I would go slightly mad without my secret date in London, but he promised he would stay in touch. We spoke almost every day, and when my birthday came around, he said that he had a surprised for me, and that I needed to take two weeks off from London escorts. When I stood on Southampton key a couple of weeks later, and watched his ship come in, I could not help to feel anxious. The next day I sailed away with him across at the Atlantic, and today, we are still going running in London, but we also run around the exercise deck on the cruise liner that Alan commands for at least six months of the year. I never thought that I would be sitting at the captain’s table, but I certainly do now. One thing is for sure, I really do love entertaining our guest as the wife of the captain.

And no, this sailor never had a girl in every port, just me.

Written by luperry

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