Battersea escorts work hard for their money

By / June 9, 2017


Battersea is one of the busiest areas to arrange dates in, and part of the problem is due to the shortage of quality Battersea escorts agencies. Most of the agencies in the area are pretty new, and a lot of the staff do not have enough experienced staff.


Experienced staff is essential when it comes to running an escorts agency. Staff needs to be aware what the escorts specialize in, and also make them aware of the date’s needs. This is often something which seems to go wrong with Battersea escorts services from, and should be rectified if agencies want to stay in business.


Many escorts have been complaining that they don’t always receive all the information about dates. For instance, recently a lot of dates have turned up drunk at an escort’s boudoir, and this is not the one thing.


Battersea escorts agencies bosses are relatively young and inexperienced, and this does not help the situation at all. Communication is essential in the escort’s service industry, and when this does not happen things can quickly go wrong.


The Better Sex guide spoke to a couple of Battersea escorts who says it is a very frustrating situation, and it means that it is difficult to secure regular dates. Both of the girls say that regular dates are the life blood of the industry, and gaining new dates can be hard work and expensive.


Advertising is difficult for even Battersea escorts agencies, and a lot of local papers will not accept their adverts. Agencies often have their own web sites but the web sites must look good and the description of services must always be good. This is another point that many agencies are missing, and many of the agencies web sites are poor.


Low quality web sites also mean low quality dates, and this bring s down the earnings for the escorts. Unhappy escorts often leave agencies, start up of their own or move on to other agencies. The esortas industry is in dire straits as it is, and this is the last thing that it needs.


Quality of service is important in all agencies but it means that all concerned need to work together. Many of the Battersea escorts that we spoke to said that they don’t feel that agency bosses listen to them, and this makes the problem a lot worse.


What can be done? First of all, communication needs to improve. Escorts need to be aware what their dates requirements, and this means that front desk staff need to speak to potential dates. They need to be able to explain terms and conditions, and at the same time explain the different services offered.


Web sites needs to be up dated as well, and the services offered should always sound attractive. Picture should be good as well, and should all be correct. In other words, the images should be of the actual escorts the dates meet, not just of an image a girl of the internet.


There are many things that need to come together, and here at the Better Sex offices we understand what the escorts are going through.…

Why I Get Such a Kick out of One Night Stands

By / May 5, 2017

I am not sure how I got started but I really do get a kick out one nights stands. Some of the girls that I work with at Earls Escorts think that I am totally mad, but I do like to spend time with different men. Not all of the guys that I pick up end up staying the night. Some of the guys that I take home with are nice, but after a little while, I may just get fed up with them. That is when I kick them out.

The vast majority of guys do get to stay and I enjoy their company. I have never told any of my one stands that I work for Earls Court escorts. There would be no real harm in doing that, but I would not want them to look me up afterwards. It could be that they would think that they would get a freebie. Believe me, this is one girl who is not into freebies at all, and I would not dream of giving a guy a freebie. If that is what he is after, he had better chat up a girl.

It is a control thing really, and I am pretty sure that is why I get such a kick out one nights stands. I get a chance to take the guy home with me, and enjoy the pleasure of his company for a while. If you want to do a lot of one night stands, it is important to be honest with yourself an your partner. It still surprises me that a lot of guys think that they can hook up with me afterwards. That is something that is never going to happen, and I make it cleat to every guy that this is just one once off. Do they get it? Not all of the time, and some insist that they would like to see me again. I really don’t have time, I am far too busy at Earls Court escorts.

Sex is fun but I do think a lot of people take it too seriously. I never thought that men would take sex seriously but a lot of the guys that I meet do. They think that they are in a relationship with me just because we have had sex. That is not okay at all, and I often end up telling guys that I am not into relationships. Do they believe me? Most of them do, but they would still like to meet me again. However, I am too busy with Earls Court escorts to meet any of these guys again.

Am I being too touch? Some of the girls at Earls Court escorts think that I am too tough, but I don’t think that I am very much different from any of the guys that I date at the agency. Some guys who come to see me, only want to have one date and that too me is not that different from your traditional one night stand. I think that it should be okay for women to have one night stands as much as men. We are still too hung up about sexual preferences and stereo types. Only when we let go of them, we can really start to enjoy our sex lives. I wonder if that is ever going to happen.…

Secretly dating you

By / April 10, 2017

The first thing is to remember is your scent says Lina from a VIP Dartford escort service. Men are often out off by over powering perfumes and this is not a good start. You want to smell nice so that he sort of sniffs the air, but at the same time, it is important that your scent brings him in closer. Lots of girls who are new to Dartford escorts, do not appreciate the importance of this point, and often just end up spraying on too much perfume, or applying too much body lotion. I know it is not easy but this is a good trick.


Make up is important as well. Whenever I look at American escorts, I think that they are wearing way too much make up. It is nice to wear some make up, but above all, it is important to not plaster it on. When I work for Dartford escorts, I don’t wear a lot of make up at all. Most of the time, I wear a lipstick, mascara, foundation and some kind of eye shadow, but I don’t plaster it on at all. Remember that you may be working a long shift at Dartford escorts and you want to be able to easily refresh your make up.


Also, clothes are important. Don’t dress up too much because you may find yourself giving your Dartford escorts date the feeling that you are out of reach. I like to look smart but at the same time a bit casual. Okay, when you have dinner dates, it is really important to look formal, but when I am in my boudoir at Dartford escorts, I always go for a more relaxed look. It makes you look more welcoming somehow, and I think that makes a lot of difference when it comes to helping somebody relax.


Do Dartford escorts have dating secrets? The truth is that most girls like Dartford escorts, do have some dating secrets. It is not very often that you get the hottest girls in Dartford sharing their secrets with you, It would be nice, if the ladies told us a bit more often about what it is like to work as a Dartford escort, and let us have some of their hottest and sexiest dating tips. After all, wouldn’t it be great if we could all attract men like the hot babes at Dartford escort services.


However the best thing you should wear, whether you are working for Dartford escorts or not, is a great big smile. I love to smile, and I always walk down the road smiling. Do you know what? It can really brighten up your day, and another person’s day as well. Smiling is just good for you, and if you smile at someone, most of the time they will smile back at you. We really underestimate the importance of a smile, and don’t really use our smile enough. People open up when you smile, and I keep telling all of my colleagues at Dartford escorts, to smile a lot more.…

When was the last time you had a good time in Brixton in London?

By / March 7, 2017

Hello there – my name is Daria and I am one of the most talented girls at Brixton escorts. If you have not had a good time in Brixton for some time, you may just have moved on. That is kind of sad, because if you like, you can have some real hot fun in Brixton in London. Our Brixton escorts service in may just have opened, but we are all here and ready to go. Would that be of interest to you?

Let me tell you a little bit more what you can expect from Brixton escorts? Just like so many other escort services in London, we would like to offer you the best. The girls who work for us here in Brixton are all really good at what they do, and they have previous experience of escorting. There is no need for you to call elite and premier agencies in other parts of London. As outcall escorts in Brixon, we are more than happy to come to look after you. It will not take me very long to get to your door.

Don’t think for one minute that we don’t offer exciting services. We know very well how popular specials like duo dating and escorts for couples are in London. That is why we have recruited a couple of girls who are more than happy, and capable, to deal with your special needs. If you are interested to know more what we have in store for you, all you need to do is to check out Brixton escorts services online. I am sure that we can help you in more ways than one.

If you don’t find what you are looking for, you can always give us a call. Some of the girls who work for us have really excellent specials and they many not be listed on the Internet. If you would like to know what we have in store just for you, call me and discuss what you need. Once we have found that out, I will be more than happy to despatch the right Brixton escort in your direction. Believe me, we have got a little bit of everything here at Brixton escorts services.
Setting up date with any of the girls here at Brixton escorts is meant to be easy. If you get stuck, we are always on the end of the phone, but we do give a lot of information on our website. The girls who date at Brixton escort services in London, range from hot Scandi girls to sexy exotics. We can offer you so much more at a cheap London escort price than many other agencies. I have this feeling that you are going to be very happy with our service and I look forward to taking your call so that you and I can have a bit of a personal chat. Our lines are open 24/7 as we like you to know when you need a friend, we will be right here for you. Isn’t that what a good escort service is all about……

The commitment of London escorts

By / December 21, 2016

Sexy Escorts in London City like

Are you searching for the most beautiful high class London escorts born? Then you are reading the best article for the sexy females available in UK city. We do deal with real ladies and also post their genuine photographs for you to choose the one who suits you. Various sexy professionals providers do provide out call and also in call escort services in the London city. We have now featured in companions from various parts of the world.

Many guys who use the out call and also the in call services of the London sexy teenage escorts. It is normally common for one of your sexy lady to be called to escort a customer to a certain function or even a corporate event in London.try take a chance to be the envy of your pals and also colleagues by showing up at your event with our London escorts on your arm since there are several London escorts who love going out and also socializing with the city agents.
Brighten your day today by choosing the best London escort of your choice. We also have a web page and all you need to do is by visiting our page and click on our girl’s thumbnail and you will be directed to the girl of your choice profile page. All the girls profile do have a sexy photo of the escort and also the full personal information and also rates. Also making a date is easy for you because all you need is contacting us and make a genuine and an earlier appointment and booking on the day or even use the online booking form so that you can book in advance or even instantly.

Paddington Escorts Girls of London

Paddington is a district within Westminster City in West London. This district is popular with high class escorts who are not only gorgeous but sufficient as well. Therefore if you are in need of escort services then Paddington is the place to be click here. However it is imperative that you first of all learn how to book an appointment with these professionals before anything else otherwise you may end up calling a cop or even a fraudster in the name of looking for an escort.

So the following is a basic guide that should help you when it comes to booking an appointment with Paddington escorts;
Prepare To Make The Phone CallBe as composed as you can and above all try and be who you are. Don’t pretend because you might give yourself away. Know at the back of your mind that escorts are professionals and will not form an opinion about you just for feeling the desire to enjoy their services. Remember they are also human beings.
Review the Paddington Laws to Ensure That You Are not Breaking AnyMost towns and districts have their own legislation regarding the business of escort services. These laws are meant to protect both the clients and the service providers. So before you enter into an agreement with any Paddington escort make sure you are aware of the laws that are put in place for this. This will help avoid trouble with the authorities.
Check The Call Girl’s Ad, Website As Well As Any Additional Information She May Provide Call girls provide their information for a reason. So reading any kind of information these professionals furnish you with could save you the embarrassment of being rejected due to the fact that both of you are not on the same page.
Make the Call Once you have followed all the above steps you will now be free to make the call without any difficulties. Go ahead and call any Paddington escort of your choice to book an appointment with them.
This is the only way you will be able to enjoy the sufficient services of London escorts. However despite all these clues don’t forget to put the necessary security measures in place. Give your security a first priority.


He Stole My Heart

By / December 14, 2016

I have dated a lot of nice gents at Enfield escort, but one gent in particular stole my heart. He was rather a few years older than me and promised me the earth. In the end it turned out that he was telling me a bunch of lies, and even omitted to tell me that he was married. It was awful and after that I sort of lost my faith in mankind if you like. Looking at my kitchen calender, I have noticed that it has been a year since I had a boyfriend.

At the time, we were really busy at Enfield escorts and this guy wanted to manipulate my time. He was forever making dates and then cancelling them. I kept telling the boss that he was a really busy business person and I did not want to lose him. In secret, I really fancied him but I did not want my boss to know. Normally if a guy cancels too often, the boss will ban him from dating any of the girls at the agency. I did not want that too happen, so I sort of defended him to the boss.

The other girls at Enfield escorts told me that I was mad. This guy was clearly giving me the run around. But I was so much in love with that I could not see it somehow. Or did I not want to believe it. Whenever he came around, things were great and we had a really lovely time together. I felt good about everything again and wanted to spend time with him. But after a couple of days, he started to mess me around again. It went on for a while and I had tell him that I could not carry on seeing him.

The next thing I knew, he told me that I was not his special girl at all. I was just like to other escorts at Enfield escorts. A real stupid blonde who did know what she was taken about. He told me that he was married and had never intended to spend any personal time with me. I more or less threw him out of the door and burst into tears as soon as he had left. Honestly, I could not believe that I had trusted this guy and believed everything that he told me.

Since then my attitude towards the gents that I date at Enfield escorts has changed a lot. When a guys tarts to mess me around now, I tell the boss and the girls on reception straight away. There is no way that I am going to be hanging around waiting for guys who are not going to turn up. I have done enough of that. On opt of that I am not letting anybody treat me like a dumb blonde anymore. In general I have changed how I handle blonde comments from everybody. I have started to point to my chest and say that my 34 E bust gives me extra brain power. It started as a joke, but I have noticed a lot of gents have more respect for me now. Never upset a blonde, it could come back and bite you in the bum.…

London escorts – are they the best

By / December 1, 2016

I am not sure what is going on in London these days, but I think that we are sort of having a bit of an escorts’ war. For some reason. more and more London escorts agencies are opening up their doors, and I just can’t understand how they are all going to stay in business. Quite frankly, I think that there seems to be too many of them. Even in the West End of London, I have counted at least 20 London escorts agencies like It is an amazing number, and I am not sure that it is sustainable.

It is generally considered that London escorts are the best escorts in town, but surely not all of these agencies can be VIP or elite agencies. Reading the agencies blurb or advertising material, they are making it all sound like they are top agencies. This just cannot be right somehow. I know that there are a lot of hot escorts in London, but surely they are not all working in the West End of London? It would be interesting to find out how well all of these agencies are actually doing, and if the owners are making a profit.

The truth is that I am not so sure that all of these escorts agency owners are making a profit. First of all, there are only so many hot and sexy quality escorts around London. On top of that, you need to work out how many dates a girl needs to have to make her own personal business profitable. All the girls that I know who work as escorts, need to pay for their boudoir and getting in and out of London to work is not cheap neither. I am not so sure that all of these agencies are going to be there in a few years time.

London escorts went through a bad patch not so very long ago, and I think that a lot of “younger” agencies are not giving the industry as a whole a very good name. The way they show off their girls is not really great, and many of the agencies are just making the girls look too sexy. Traditionally, London escorts do not pose like American escorts, but we are seeing a lot of new style images coming through. Is this doing the industry any good? I am not sure it, and it is a shame.

The escorts service in London had recently cleaned up its act, and now we seem to be going backwards instead. Once again, I don’t think it puts a very positive spotlight on the escorts service is London and elsewhere. The industry does need a much better image, and after having cleaned up its act a few years ago, the new style agencies are doing more harm than good. What is the future of London escorts? It is hard to say but I think that the top agencies in London, need to put some pressure on the new ones to clean up their act.…

St Johns Wood escorts on dating posh boys

By / November 19, 2016

Before I worked for St Johns Wood escorts in, I used to work for an escort agency in East London. The guys that we dated in East London were a little bit different from the guys that I date here in St Johns Wood but I am gradually getting used to my posh boys like I like to call them. At first it was kind of hard to appreciate what a difference it could be in dating styles, but now I am getting used to it.

All of the boys that I have met at St Johns Wood escorts drive really smart cars. The guys that I used to meet up with in the East of London did have cars, but you never saw anything like this. In recent months I have been picked up in a variety of expensive cars, and I think that I am a bit of a classical car expert by now. When a guy starts to talk to me about his Maserati, I actually find that I can discuss it with him in an intelligent way. Not that I am that much into cars but I have certainly learned a lot.

Dining out with my dates at St Johns Wood escorts is a different experience as well. The guys in East London used to take me to some half decent restaurants but all of that has changed now. When my dates here at St Johns Wood escorts pick me up, they take me to some of the best places in London. To be honest, I never thought that I would be eating in such nice places. Do I enjoy it? I love it to be honest with you and I am sure that it makes for a better date.

You can tell by the way my dates at St Johns Wood escorts dress that they have money. They all turn up looking really good and they are always perfect. At first I thought they were all a bit over the top, but now I have learned that they have a different attitude towards clothes and shoes. They buy stuff that is going to last for a longer period of time. I think that my East End boys were much more fashion conscious but that does not mean that they looked good all of the time.

Do I miss my East End boys? There are times when I miss my East End boys but the guys that I meet at St Johns Wood escorts are fun to be with all of the time. Most of them are a bit like naughty school boys and that is what I really like about them. When you go out on a date with a guy from St Johns Wood escorts, you will really enjoy the experience and always be treated like a lady. It was much easier to build a dating diary here and I like working here. Some of the guys have even become my personal friends and that is something else. They are really great guys to hang around with when you get used to them.…

Are you in it for the long haul?

By / November 15, 2016

I don’t know if a lot of people are in it for the long haul these days. It seems that we are less keen to form long term relationships and quickies is the best way forward. That is no good for a girl like me who hates to wake up alone. For the last six months, I have not had a boyfriend and I am beginning to find that really frustrating. When I come home from London escorts, my flat is all dark and silent and I hate that. It is hard to hold down relationships when you work for London escorts.

Some of the guys that I have met since I joined London escorts think that it is all about good sex having a girlfriend who works for a London escorts service.They think it is kind of cool and go around and brag about it. Saying that i have sex with the best escorts in London every night. I honestly hate that and wish that I would not have to tell them. The problems with lies is that it is so easy to get caught out. A couple of the girls have done so, and I know that the outcome has never been positive. I really don’t need that in my life so I try to keep it straight, but it is not easy.

At the same time, I do not want to end up in relationship which only last for a few weeks. If you have told a lie to your boyfriend, he is bound to find out and you will just end up with all of the backlash. The relationship will finish. If a guy has a hard time handling the fact that I work for London escorts, I would rather be without him. I know that I am not the only girl at our London escorts service who feels that way. Most of the girls sort of seem to have a take it or leave approach.

The problem is that you get used to being rejected by guys. It is not a pleasant thing at all but most London escorts are used to it. I keep on wondering if this is why bisexual London escorts stay in the business for longer. They seem to be able to handle personal relationships better with their partners. Many of their partners also work for London escorts, and I have the feeling that it makes a lot of difference. You sort of understand more of what is going on in your partner’s life and mind.

I am glad that I have met some really nice guys in my life. Once I leave London escorts I know it will be easier for me to form long term relationships. When I first started to date, I thought it would be a doodle working for London escorts, but it is not. You have to be prepared to make a lot of personal sacrifices if you want to be dedicated to the agency. This is why I think that a lot of girls leave after a few years. They have had enough of all of the personal hassle and would like to have a chance at a good relationship with a personal partner. After all, none of us like to be lonely.…

Dating Hot blonde babes

By / November 11, 2016

I have been dating blonde escorts all over the world but I think that London blonde escorts are the hottest. Guys like myself who date blonde hot babes on a regular basis are sort of addicted to dating blonde. I am a white guy but I have been dating blonde for the last few years. I sort of got into dating blonde escorts by mistake, and now I don’t seem to be able to sop myself. It doesn’t matter where I go in the world, I need to date hot and sexy blonde girls, there simply are no other escorts for me.

The blonde escorts in London are exceptional they are from, and as soon as I fly into to town, I am on the phone ordering escorts services for the duration of my stay. I am a pretty organized guy, so I know exactly when my meetings are going to finish and what I am going to be doing. Sometimes I squeeze in a couple of dinner dates with blonde hot babes as they just look so amazing on my arm. That is one of the reasons I have a passion for dating blonde girls here in London – they are just so stylish.

I also think that a lot of the blonde hot babes in London are much more genuine as well. They really seem to want to look after a guy, and most of the girls do that exceptionally well. I think it has something to do with that a lot of the blonde escorts in London are from Jamaica and places like that. I have always found that blonde girls from the Caribbean are some extra special, and this is what really allows me to make the most out of my London dating experience. Needless to say all of the girls are stunning at the same time.

As you can tell I am seriously impressed by the blonde dating services here in London. I have recommended the girls here to a lot of my fellow business travelers as I know that they will not be disappointed. Honestly, I would not bother dating blonde escorts anywhere else now. The experience has been that great in London that I am spoiled for choice and would not consider using escorts services else where. The girls here in London have perfect bodies and I have even been able to date a couple of hot blonde porn stars.

If you are looking to date hot blonde babes in London, the best areas are Kingston and central London. That being said, I dated this really hot and horny blonde babe in Romford a couple of months ago. She was just truly amazing and once she had closed the door on her boudoir she just totally blew my away with her antics. Would I date her again? Of course, I would but I have lost her card and can’t find her on the net. She was an independent blonde London escort and I am rally kicking myself that I lost her card.…

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