St Johns Wood escorts on dating posh boys

Before I worked for St Johns Wood escorts in, I used to work for an escort agency in East London. The guys that we dated in East London were a little bit different from the guys that I date here in St Johns Wood but I am gradually getting used to my posh boys like I like to call them. At first it was kind of hard to appreciate what a difference it could be in dating styles, but now I am getting used to it.

All of the boys that I have met at St Johns Wood escorts drive really smart cars. The guys that I used to meet up with in the East of London did have cars, but you never saw anything like this. In recent months I have been picked up in a variety of expensive cars, and I think that I am a bit of a classical car expert by now. When a guy starts to talk to me about his Maserati, I actually find that I can discuss it with him in an intelligent way. Not that I am that much into cars but I have certainly learned a lot.


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Dining out with my dates at St Johns Wood escorts is a different experience as well. The guys in East London used to take me to some half decent restaurants but all of that has changed now. When my dates here at St Johns Wood escorts pick me up, they take me to some of the best places in London. To be honest, I never thought that I would be eating in such nice places. Do I enjoy it? I love it to be honest with you and I am sure that it makes for a better date.

You can tell by the way my dates at St Johns Wood escorts dress that they have money. They all turn up looking really good and they are always perfect. At first I thought they were all a bit over the top, but now I have learned that they have a different attitude towards clothes and shoes. They buy stuff that is going to last for a longer period of time. I think that my East End boys were much more fashion conscious but that does not mean that they looked good all of the time.

Do I miss my East End boys? There are times when I miss my East End boys but the guys that I meet at St Johns Wood escorts are fun to be with all of the time. Most of them are a bit like naughty school boys and that is what I really like about them. When you go out on a date with a guy from St Johns Wood escorts, you will really enjoy the experience and always be treated like a lady. It was much easier to build a dating diary here and I like working here. Some of the guys have even become my personal friends and that is something else. They are really great guys to hang around with when you get used to them.

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