BPS ‘Shaka’ Lightweight Body Board


The BPS “Shaka” Bodyboard is a super light board with a slick, high-speed surface, an EPS core for buoyancy, bottom rear channels, and a crescent tail for top performance. Perfect for use in all wave conditions, the “Shaka” Bodyboard is built for speed, perfect balance, and maneuverability. The board also features a Shaka Tiki logo as a nod to the friendly gesture commonly used in surfing culture.
The slick, hard-wearing HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) bottom amplifies the board’s performance for the ultimate ride. The HDPE not only adds strength but also provides a resistance-free ride for improved speed and maneuverability. The board also comes with a coiled leash to stop you from losing your board in the waves, with a cuff made of comfy neoprene and durable Velcro that can handle all types of waves. It is placed at the bottom, wrapped tight underneath.

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