OMOUBOI Inflatable Bodyboards Lightweight Body Board


Inflatable bodyboards is made of high-density buoyant fabric and high-pressure stitched edges, lightweight, durable, large buoyant, and bright colors are very easy to be recognized at a far distance, and the nylon handle can balance your body to ensures safety and stability in surfing.
The bodyboard is a soft Inflatable board that is designed for all wave conditions and gives the board excellent control and more maneuverability, concave and convex’s design of the board-surface to relieve chest pressure, and the crescent tail can ease the resistance of surfboards and water, increased speeds and strength.
Comparing with common bodyboards, OMOUBOI surfboard will provide larger buoyant and better stability. The inflatable bodyboard is easy to control and portable, very suitable for fun at the sea, beach, swimming pool, river, or water park.

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